Chase Sanborn

"For me, the joy of playing music is equaled only by the

joy of  teaching others to do it."
 Chase Sanborn

Jazz trumpeter Chase Sanborn is a mainstay of the bustling Toronto music scene and a member of the jazz faculty at the University of Toronto, Chase is well known as the author of a series of educational books, DVDs and CDs (Jazz Tactics, Brass Tactics, Tuning Tactics, Music Business Tactics).

As a guest artist, Chase Sanborn offers powerful and refined trumpet playing, a wealth of professional experience, a unique ability to express complex ideas in a simple way, a sense of humor, and a pure and simple joy for passing on information about the music he loves. During a typical guest artist appearance, Chase presents a series of clinics, each one tailored to the information in his books. This allows him to focus his presentation, while covering a lot of ground in a short period of time.

Chase encourages students to become the best musicians they can be by letting them experience how much fun it can be. There are usually a few laughs at a Chase Sanborn session, along with inspiration and encouragement for everyone.


 • “Chase Sanborn’s passion for music is obvious. His performance was an inspiration to hundreds of festival participants.”
 • “Chase addresses the needs of developing musicians in a manner that is understandable and relevant. My students were thrilled to work with a musician who understands their learning curve.”
 • “Jazz Tactics is packed with honesty and humor. It speaks to all musicians regardless of age and experience, with the vitality and
spirit of a live teaching session.”
 • “Brass Tactics conveys the concentrated essence of years of instruction. It offers authoritative instruction, balanced with sage
 • “Tuning Tactics teaches you to listen. It explains, in an easy to understand way, the complexities of intonation. I’ve witnessed strong improvement in my students’ awareness of pitch.”
 • “Music Business Tactics will help you succeed in music and in life. Chase Sanborn gets right to the heart of what you need to know. This is a must-read for every musician, regardless of instrument or previous experience.”
 • “I think Chase Sanborn could teach anything to anybody!”

For more information, visit Chase Sanborn's Guest Artist web page.

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